Diving Club

Discover the underwater world and share unforgettable moments with us.

Our philosophy

Since 1989, La sirène plongée has been a specialist in welcoming beginners and inexperienced divers. This bias, this focus on the first levels of divers, has allowed us over the years to propose a unique and adapted teaching to this neophyte audience.

We propose an implicit teaching that will trigger a learning process in the learner perfectly aligned with the constraints of the marine natural environment, while constructing coherent and positive representations of the body’s learner.

Our study allowed us to identify the steps that will able us to accomplish the final act:

“To blend and merge with the underwater nature while having fun; recharge”

Adepts of the “Total Physical Response” of Doctor Asher of Cambridge University, we offer all our students an empirical and conscious acquisition of ventilation as well as underwater motion.

For this, the initial learning will take place in a pool, in a shallow pool. In this way, the learner will construct, at his or her own rhythm, the acquisitional basis necessary for the practice of so-called “soft diving”: breathing, immersion, movement, observation, joy

In his contact with the element, and with full consciousness with his own body, the learner will be able to discover and feel the underwater world.

Unlike diving baptism, which is commonly offered in classic diving center or club, our discovery program aims to transform the landlord as a true sensitive and sensible diver.

Discovering the underwater world by our side, according to our method is also discovering yourself …

Our equipment

  • Classroom: Multimedia equipped, WIFI available to our students as part of their E-learning course.
  • Boat: 32-foot express-cruiser, commercial marine certified, 300CV Caterpillar in-board engine.
  • Refill station: Bauer compressor 36m3 / hour, buffer blocks, for a clean and fast refill.
  • Swimming pool: Our lessons take place in the water park of Camping ***** la Sirène.
  • Minibus: We offer a shuttle service between the campsite and Port Argelès, possibility of pick-up under certain conditions.
  • Diving equipment: The center is equipped with Aqualung equipment. 20 complete equipment for adults and children.
  • Go pro: We integrate the use of video into all our qualifying courses. Each lesson is followed by a video debriefing that will build the basis for the next session.

Education Directorate

Isabelle Galmiche-Smith

  • Brevet d’éducateur Sportif 1er et 2ème degrés
  • Open water Scuba Instructor PADI
  • Advanced instructor British Subaqua Club
  • Master 2 Sciences du langage, didactique des langues, Français Langue Étrangère