Reserved for beginners from the age of 8 years

Our method of acquisition is aligned with your cognitive flow. a one-hour session in the pool will reveal your breathing and your motion underwater. The next day, it is aboard the Sirena, that you will join the dive site and live the adventure underwater in the multitude of fish …

“Discover scuba reef ” course (2 or 3 lessons)

The package adapted to a soft discovery and consolidated by the repetition of your sea dive. Your subconscious having been programmed by your first experiment in the natural environment, the second dive will optimize your receptivity to be able to observe the richness of the fauna and the flora.

Swimming pool + 1 sea dive : 145 € 2

Swimming pool + 2 sea dives : 230 € 2

Discovery lesson in Swimming pool

Allow 1h30.

Within an hour, you will learn how to breathe and swim under water. Our method based on Total Physical Response tuition allows you a quick an efficient learning process. Starting in the shallow end of the swimming pool, you, and only you will pace the time of your actions in and under water.

Swimming is not a must, if you don’t, let’s know, we’ll set an individual lesson just for you. (No extra cost). Some people can be convinced of a kind of “water fear”, just tell us, we can help you too.

The session takes place in three stages :

  1. “Dry”stage : Learn to breathe, communicate and move from the so-called Total Physical Response method.
  2. “Wet” stage : Return the know-how acquired to the dry in the swimming pool.
  3. Debriefing : This last step will be a moment of exchange with your instructor during which you will be able to measure your achievements and consolidate them if necessary.

The session equipment included (except swimsuit and towel) : 50€

Snorkeling trip

Allow 3 hours.

You want to come with your children, your friends, spend a pleasant morning by boat, swim, sun bath and snorkel … Join one of our snorkeling trip any morning of the week.

Boat trip, instruction, material and combination provided : 65 €


1 The process of creating ideas is called “cognitive flow”. By extrapolation, it is considered that the displacement in a natural environment combines a motor mechanics as well as a representation that the learner makes of his evolution.
2 Very often our students wish to continue this discovery with a complete training, in this case, the amount of this package is deducted from the total amount of the training, and the first module validated.