Training Course

Learning and sharing

Our courses are a la carte, intensive or diluted during the duration of your holidays or your weekends, it is to choose.
Possibility of evening classes for swimming pool modules on consultation.

The most La Sirène Plongée : Although PADI training is standard American format, so uniform throughout the world, our TPR approach is integrated in each of our sessions to optimize the cognitive flow 1 of each learner. Coaching complements traditional teaching and refines your sensory perceptions. Each session is filmed and commented on with you. Experimenting with this method in 2017, on all of your students in training, we found that at equal workload, the targeted technical performance was obtained twice as fast ! Thus trained we divers have already adapted their comfort zone in immersion, and are ready to dive elsewhere… in confidence.

Scuba Diver

From the age of 12 years. The level Scuba Diver allows to dive up to 12m with a guide.

Upon your registration, we will send you a code that will allow you to follow, if you wish, the entire Open Water theoretical course in E-Learning. So, from home, you start your training as a diver.

Theoretical acquisition : In distance with the PADI Touch application (e-learning)
Follow your training in E-learning, and validate your knowledge online at your own pace.

Diving course : 3 courses in swimming pool and 2 half-days at sea (minimum duration 3 days, ideal duration 5 days). Your performnces under water is recorded on vidéos, then debriefed with your instructor, a copy of your vidéos is included in the cost of your course.

Theorie : E-learning, final test on line.

Equipment, E-learning, videos of your lessons on USB key and certification fees included

The course : 495 €

Open Water Diver

The Open Water Diver allows diving up to 18m. From the age of 12 years. Practical acquisition: 9 sessions on 4 appointments in swimming pool and 4 half-days at sea.
Theoretical acquisition: Disctancial, with the course manual and the DVD or with the PADI Touch (e-learning) application.

Equipment, E-learning, videos of your lessons, and certification fees included

The course : 795 €

Advanced Open Water PADI Course

This course includes 5 adventure dives of your choice spread out over time and / or on different destinations:

  • 2 themed courses: Orientation and deep dives
  • 3 courses are left to the choice of the candidate: La Sirène Plongée recommends : buoyancy, photography, identification of fish
  • Our Coaching Module is included in that course


Certification, equipment and videos of your course included : 595 €

Others formations

For other training courses please contact us.

Underwater Excursions

For experienced divers (from the scuba diver, the CMAS 1 star diver or the FFESSM level 1) we offer guided underwater excursions and the Re-activate Touch course to get you back on the dive.


1 The process of creating ideas is called “cognitive flow”. By extrapolation, it is considered that the displacement in a natural environment combines a motor mechanics as well as a representation that the learner makes of his evolution.